Brown + Healthy

We Won!



We are very excited to announce that our Founder and Chief Visionary Officer, Michelle Antoinette Nelson, was chosen as one of three recipients of the Elevation Awards  for the Brown and Healthy K.I.D.S. program proposal!  The Elevation Awards uses planning grants and support to residents of West Baltimore piloting novel approaches to strengthening their community.The aim of the program is: To directly leverage the assets of communities to pioneer new solutions in social entrepreneurship. Elevate communities as leaders of community solutions and support the early-stage pipeline of social entrepreneurs in Baltimore.

To accomplish these aims, the Elevation Awards will give three grants of $10,000. At the end of the grant cycle, grantees will have the opportunity to showcase their idea to prospective seed funders. The Elevation Awards will fulfill a larger role in the community by providing an on-ramp for the ideas, and social entrepreneurs, in the earliest stages of development. To ensure the Elevation Awards is operating as part of a continuum of support, seed funders will be engaged when grantees are ready to showcase their work.

Awardees will benefit from programming and coaching tailored to support their initiative from design to implementation while facilitating constant feedback and learning. Awardees will be exposed to a range of prospective partner organizations positioned to invest in their initiatives.

Now we are asking that you help us match the award by purchasing tickets to our inaugural Benefit Concert and by participating in the silent auction Thursday Sept 22nd, 2016… click here to join us!